Excessively noisy or strident

Excessively noisy or strident. What a great line.

Apparently over 100 people complained about TV channels that have advert volumes higher than the programmes. In reality it annoys thousands of people…but just 100 or so complained.

My solution was/is simple: mute the adverts. It works superbly well. In fact I have now developed the habit on all stations and I’m always muting the ads.

If my behaviour mirrors any measurable chunk of the audience it should have been the advertisers that complained.

Anyway, the story: Television ads must not be “excessively noisy or strident” under the regulations published by the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP).

The rules come into force on 7 July 2008 following consumer concerns that TV ads sometimes seemed louder than programming.

The regulations say the “maximum subjective loudness” of advertisements must be consistent with the maximum loudness of programmes.

>>> the ASA technical blurb

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