Proud to be British

Lists of top tens are often used to gain attention in the media. They seem to mostly appear in the tabloids and the best of them get repeat airings on the radio.

But of course the list can just be a personal opinion. Here’s one that worked from Sarah Drew at Marketing Ladder which arrived in an email newsletter:

“With the recent flag-waving, face-painting patriotism that comes with Wimbledon, the cricket and the upcoming Olympics, we thought – what better time to remind ourselves of the reasons you’re proud to be British?”

“Without further ado, here are my top 10:

:: The Queen (and open tours of Buckingham Palace this August!)
:: Wimbledon
:: Beer Gardens
:: The Edinburgh Film Festival
:: Grand Prix Champion, Lewis Hamilton
:: English Wines (Some of the finest in the world! No, really!)
:: Footie
:: Pimms and Lemonade
:: Tom Jones!

Well, it was her personal opinion so we can’t argue with that can we? What’s your top ten things that make you proud to be British or whatever nationality you are?

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