Eat You Bastards

Coach & Horses, Romilly Street, W1

Coach & Horses, Romilly Street, W1

Ind Coope, Double Diamond and Skol Lager brand names are still visible behind the bar at The Coach and Horses, Romilly Street, London, W1. Amazing. These brands are all from the 70s; Ind Coope being the brewer of DD and Skol.

The menu on the wall is the reason for this post. “Eat You Bastards” was the headline. It actually did make me think of ordering food; even though I had popped in there at 11.30 for a coffee.

I do like it when businesses allow personality to shine through. You get a better idea of who you are dealing with and it often adds to the pleasure.

So, visit this blog again you bastards! Ha ha, well it doesn’t always work. The context needs to be considered as well.

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One comment on “Eat You Bastards
  1. Alistair Mungall says:

    Eat you bastards – that is superb. You finally got me to visit your blog and I will visit again next time I feel the need to smile.

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