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Lateral thinking

You know how it is, when you get a new car you suddenly spot dozens of identical ones. I have a feeling the same thing happens with thoughts and the media. Currently I’m being assaulted by interesting ideas that seem

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Royal births and social media

A modern baby is about to be born. And I’m pleased to note that tradition regarding the announcement is to be maintained along with the use of modern media methods. According to the BBC the Royal birth will be announced

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Can a photograph boost a book’s sales?

As a teenager from the Shetland Islands emerged from a court charged in connection with alleged computer hacking, the media caught the moment. And it was not just Jake Davis himself who attracted attention but also the book that he

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Murdoch free household

I’m sure Rupert Murdoch’s media content creeps into the house somehow but it has just dawned on me that we, the Harrington household, don’t: Buy The Times newspaper. Buy the Sunday Times newspaper. Subscribe to Times Online. Use MySpace. Subscribe

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Are wheelie bins advertising media space?

Just as the world has got used to the visual eyesore of wheelie bins (well most people…see this article in The Independent) and there are people drawing our attention to them again. I noticed a ‘Choose to Slow Down’ campaign

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I love you, Dad

We make all sorts of assumptions about communication media for different age groups. Recent examples that help me keep a broad focus: 1. Charlie, my 6 year old son, not only now uses Outlook for his personal email account he

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Proud to be British

Lists of top tens are often used to gain attention in the media. They seem to mostly appear in the tabloids and the best of them get repeat airings on the radio. But of course the list can just be

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