Branding boo boo from BetFair

Betfair scarves thrown awayCheltenham Festival, one of the fun sporting events of the year. Hundreds of millions of pounds of bets are laid. This event attracts the biggest and best companies from the betting world; they are all seeking to acquire customers…and they are prepared to invest.

The usual on course betting options were there from the independent bookies to the Tote. A lot of advertising was visible for betting apps as well. As a punter the choices were plenty, the challenge was picking a winner.

Betfair were spending money to promote their business. I think they got it wrong. They had teams of girls handing out bright yellow, Betfair branded, scarves. They gave out thousands of them. The trouble is they were cheap and nasty. Consequently, even before race goers got into Cheltenham Racecourse, people were stepping over discarded Betfair scarves on the path, in the gutter and in the road. Some tidier race goers had put theirs in bins, the untidier ones had stuck them in hedges. What message does that give about the brand?

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