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Manchester’s big open data project

What happens when a city decides to make its data available to others to use easily? You get Manchester’s CityVerve. CityVerve’s ‘platform of platforms’ treats the city as a living breathing organism by giving it a technology layer that acts

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Will 5G replace wifi as we know it?

It’s a few years off, but researchers have already managed to achieve 5G download speeds of 1Tbps. Would this type of performance ultimately supersede wifi as we know it? If I were a BT shareholder I would be wanting the business

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Targeted ads that annoy

I really do understand the benefits of personalising ad delivery to an individual. There are  though times that targeted ads just serve to annoy. And this one is a good example. The ad is for BT Infinity. I cannot get

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But BT, you know who I am!

BT’s current strapline is “bringing it all together”. Good idea…so why don’t they do it ? In this mornings post was a piece of direct mail from BT addressed to “The Householder”. Fabulous, but they know who we are; we’ve

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Mergers that add value

This article talks about the merger of the AA and Saga: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6236862.stm It is interesting to note that 2 + 2 = 5. The appropriate mergers of businesses can increase value. I think the best merger at the moment would

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BT to spark landline price war

I watch BT’s consumer business with great interest. This Sunday Times article, BT to spark landline price war-Business-Industry Sectors-Telecoms-TimesOnline, is a good read. Reducing prices to stem losses on the landline business seems to be part of the thrust. As

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