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BMW “Checkmate”

I love opportunistic and simple advertising successes. This evening I was reading Marketing Week and looking at The 5 Best Automotive Advertising Campaigns where I was reminded of the fabulous BMW “Checkmate” advert. This ad campaign was actually a reactionary campaign that

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The world has gone mobile, so why is m-commerce lagging?

The mobile world descended on Barcelona this week where tens of thousands of delegates discussed how mobile is disrupting multiple industry sectors. However, there is still one glaring barrier to total world domination – the industry’s failure to crack big ticket purchases

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Is it the end of the line for cash?

Cashless societies could become the norm but much will depend on consumer confidence in the available options and the level of security. Getting rid of cash has long been on the agenda of credit card providers, which trade on the

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How brands can cook up mobile purchases

The proportion of web traffic via mobile will hit 20 per cent this Christmas, according to IBM figures, and brands that fail to implement a mobile marketing strategy are losing out on sales by putting up ‘closed for business’ signs

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Ten brands that gain the most admiration from marketers

Marketers might have different priorities from members of the public when it comes to admiring businesses and brands, but according to a new list of the companies most respected for their marketing, those brands that please their customers are also

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Will retailers cut NFC out of the loop?

Starbucks’ decision to cut NFC out of the loop could encourage more retailers to take the same route and develop bespoke mobile phone payment apps, instead of waiting for stores and handsets to become NFC compatible. via Will retailers cut

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Should we all be talking about the riots on the streets of London

Now here is an interesting debate in the offing: Rosie Baker, writing at Marketing Week, is talking about Coco Cola, Old El Paso and Peacocks marketing and use of Twitter during the riots in London. There are many more serious issues at

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