Government flood alerts in July

The Tories said they would cut back spending on advertising by 40 per cent, as well as introducing new rules to measure its effectiveness.

Then in May we were told, “The coalition government is to freeze its £540m-a-year advertising budget, except on what are deemed to be ‘essential’ campaigns, ahead of implementing plans to axe marketing and advertising spend by up to 50%.

Now they are in (a shared) office what progress are they making? Was all this just puff and PR around the subject of advertising? It may well be judging by the full back page colour advert in my local paper encouraging me to sign up to flood alerts.

Note: the weather forecasters are talking to us about droughts at the moment.

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  1. Here is an update on Government advertising spend for 2009/10.

    The headlines:

    :: Spending on traditional advertising such as TV, press, and radio fell by 9.5% year on year from £211m to £193m.

    ::Government expenditure on digital marketing rose by 9% to £44m, just over 18% of total advertising, marketing and online spend.

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