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Let’s kill some good ideas

I’m writing a speech entitled, “3 Ways to Kill a Good Idea.” This is a humorous Toastmaster speech that requires research. I’ve had lots of help, ideas and contributions from people. During my own internet research I came across this

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How people really use mobile

This is the year of the mobile; payments acquiring through iZettle and their competitors is the hot topic. At the same time the phrase M-POS or MPOS (mobile point of sale) is a frequent visitor to conversations about payments. Innovation

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Groupon promotion results

This is fascinating, a wonderful example of the visual display of quantitative information…that works: http://hbr.org/tablet/0711/vision-statement Paul Butler used a computer programme to ‘scrape’ Groupon’s archive of deals in through February 2011. He captures the price of each offer, the number of

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Five Foursquare tactics to attract customers

Flash mobs, fun, specials…these are all some of the benefits to be derived from using location based social networking for retail marketing. I’m often asked how businesses should start turning a rather dull brochureware website into something more dynamic. The

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First, let’s fire all the managers

I do enjoy the Harvard business review. The article below challenges the norm and delivers some food for thought. Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve high levels of coordination without a supervisory superstructure? Wouldn’t it be terrific if

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