Brands in the balance

Martin Salter MP

Martin Salter MP

I was at Reading Prison last Friday. It was a photocall for Jail Guitar Doors and one of Reading’s two Members of Parliament, Martin Salter (pictured holding a Heritage H-575 guitar), was helping the cause.

Salter scales

Salter scales

When Martin Salter introduced himself to one of the inmates he said, “Martin Salter, as in the scales.” He was referring to Salter scales. But as he was talking to a young offender I’m not sure that this reference would have helped. For all I know Chris, the young offender, was trying to recollect where he may have seen Martin’s scales.I know Salter is still a trading brand but it is one of the companies that used to have a huge advantage when their products were used in many shops to weigh produce and groceries.

NCR (National Cash Registers) would be another brand that used to enjoy this free point of sale advantage.

Today’s equivalents are things like Streamline, Visa etc I guess.

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