Direct mail relevancy and accuracy

Boden logo I’m not really sure who the winner is for wasted direct mail campaign effort this week. My favourites through the letter box this morning, and clear contenders, are:

Boden: A personalised letter with a £10 gift voucher to encourage me to use the catalogue they sent me a few weeks back. Sorry Boden, I haven’t received a catalogue from you, therefore your stream of restrictions and terms and conditions are of no relevance to me.

AA Insurance: A beautifully personalised letter inviting me to insure my car with the AA. The only real obvious blunder is that they are referring to a car that I sold nearly three years ago in August 2007.

I think my winner for the week is Boden.

Have you got any corking examples of poor, irrelevant or inaccurate direct mail? Please share.

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9 Comments on “Direct mail relevancy and accuracy

  1. Hi Kevin,

    As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the letter you received recently was designed to be a follow-up to an initial mailing around 3 weeks previous. It does trouble me however that you did not get the first mailing as this was clearly a fundamental part of the strategy. While we can see good results from the overall campaign so far and therefore get some confidence that the majority are working as intended, I would like to investigate why you were different and establish whether you were either incorrectly omitted from the first select (clearly this would be a big problem) or whether this could have been caused by another factor (mailing house, postman etc.). If you would be so kind as to furnish me with the mailing details on the letter which you did get, I will ensure that my team do the necessary checks and come back to you with an explanation. I included my email address in your comments section, but in case for some reason you can’t access that, I am contactable via Twitter and Linkedin. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

    Very best regards,

    Rob Silsbury
    Marketing Manager

  2. I’ve exchanged a few emails with Rob at Boden now. He is looking at how I got the letter I did and he is sending me a catalogue. Intriguing as I still don’t know what they sell…I guess I could have a look online.

    Blimey, I just have …not sure it is where I would normally shop, but we’ll see 🙂

  3. Good for Boden. All sorted, and their catalogue is pretty good. Thanks, Rob.

    As for the AA: they have now sent me two further letters reminding me how marvellous they are. What has it cost them so far talking to me? Multiply that around the UK and I can think of a way they could help further reduce insurance coasts.

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  7. Very amusing stuff. I was very impressed to see Rob from Boden contact you so openly and try to resolve the issue. Very few companies have grasped how to deal with online critisicm so it’s good to see one that is pro-active.

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