The secrets of ‘showrooming’: price is not the only reason people shop online

The secrets of ‘showrooming’: price is not the only reason people shop online

While you fight your way around the town centre shops this Christmas, van drivers and couriers are beating a trail to our front door delivering the spoils of an earnest online shopping campaign executed by my wife.

I had thought that my wife’s online shopping was primarily an economic choice but research at Kellogg has got me worried.  The report summary reinforces that how consumers want to shop is as strategically important as the price they are offered. They go on to deliver some interesting insight.

“As consumers continue to migrate into online and mobile channels, there is evidence that retailers are digging a hole that will be harder to get out of, as word-of-mouth about poor in-store experiences drives away more of their core shopping loyalists,” said Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing Richard Wilson. “These shopper insights confirm that top product brands and their retail partners are likely at a major crossroads in the evolution of multi-channel routes to market.”

Read more via The secrets of ‘showrooming’ : 2012 Kellogg Shopper Index finds price is not the only reason people shop online – Kellogg School of Management.

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