Top 10 blog posts of 2013

Here are the top 10 blog posts from my website in 2013. Well it’s actually the top 20 or more. This reflects what visitors looked for not my favourite issues. The mix stretches back to 2008 with a good splash of 2013 blog posts as well.

Dinner in the 70s
One sheet TV advert
Wii on your television and the BBC wins
Different approaches to pricing
Superdry UK success story
Harry Gordon Selfridge said what?
Sports Direct catalogue
What are average earnings in the UK?
What brand do you most admire and why?
Skoda marketing turnaround
Great (and bad) straplines
Are wheelie bins advertising media space?
Beadle and Crome miss the boat
NFC smart posters case study
Men’s shoes
Clarity in laser eye surgery promotions
First, let’s fire all the managers
The end of the Walkman
Right add, wrong place
Carrier bag wars
Is white label the future for the UK banking market?
Bus driver salaries
ZNAP launch with live drinks ordering app
Whiteknights FC has become an iZettler
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